Specialized treatments to help you achieve your dream of parenthood

With specialist surgical suites, dedicated recovery and preparation rooms, comprehensive embryology and general laboratories, the fertility center provides world-leading technology and techniques, in a comforting environment that’s accessible, personalized and supportive.


  • Psychology And Counselling

    Infertility not only affects your physical wellbeing - it can also bring profound emotional stress. Couples go through a time of intense emotion, during which their feelings can sometimes swing greatly between hope and fear, joy and disappointment. All of this can easily result in psychological stress. It is important to be open with the physician who can refer you to a counsellor if needed.

  • Nutrition

    Weight can impact the success of infertility treatments. To ensure the best response to treatment and for the patient's safety, a fertility patient’s Body Mass Index (BMI) should ideally be between 19 and 35.

    If a patient’s BMI is above or below these levels, the patient will be offered help and advice from our experienced nutrition specialists to reach the required weight before commencing treatment.

  • Anesthesia

    The Department of General Anesthesiology at HealthPlus provides the following services:

    • Anesthesia services for ambulatory surgery and IVF treatments in the Fertility Center.
    • Preoperative anesthesia assessment is performed through our preoperative anesthesia consultation and evaluation (PACE) clinic.
    • Perioperative acute care in the day surgery unit and post-anesthesia care unit (PACU).

  • IVF Laboratory

    Our IVF laboratory offers state-of-the-art fertility treatments and world leading facilities to meet the standards required for what can be one of the most sensitive and rewarding aspects of patient care.

    We are always committed to providing only the highest quality, individualized care that our patients deserve and expect. Our team of dedicated fertility healthcare professionals provide a comprehensive range of treatments and techniques, from the simplest tests to the latest proven technologies. The IVF Laboratory's team of embryologists are highly regarded experts in their field and have more experience in engineering positive results for human conception than any other team in the region.

    Ultimately every center is judged by its results and we are always happy to be measured in this way. This is why every month our results are compared by International Standards, and we are very proud of our consistent success rate in helping couples experiencing fertility difficulties to have children of their own.

    For more details on our impressive facilities and world-leading equipment, please click on our Technology.

    The IVF Laboratory of HealthPlus Fertility Center is internationally accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), the first of its kind in the UAE and the first in the private sector in the Middle East region to earn the CAP international renowned accreditation, assuring the high quality of the HealthPlus IVF laboratory and its compliance with internationally recognized standards and procedures.


  • Pharmacy

    A truly holistic service, from diagnosis to prescription

    In line with our network’s expansions, and to meet the requirements of patients as fully as possible, HealthPlus has launched a group of pharmacies under the name of ‘HealthPlus Pharmacies’. These facilities compliment our services and serve the overall community across Abu Dhabi. HealthPlus Pharmacies are closely connected to HealthPlus outpatient specialty and family centers. The group encompasses a fully integrated electronic system to ensure accuracy and speed of service delivery.

    We differentiate ourselves in providing specialized care through professional counseling in terms of drug use, side effects and other drug-related issues, in order to reach optimum drug therapy and outcome. A variety of curative, nutritional and other para-pharmaceutical products are also available to cover different needs.


    At HealthPlus Pharmacies, our qualified pharmacists are dedicated to providing the following;

    • Dispensing acute and chronic prescriptions
    • Counseling patients on the proper use and storage of prescribed medications
    • Consultation for patients on pharmacist-only, over-the-counter drugs and other para-pharmaceutical products
    • Patient education


    HealthPlus pharmacies maintain a variety of products that serve our different clinic specialties as well as the community including:

    • Prescription and over-the-counter medication
    • Specialty care products such as Prenatal Care
    • Medical equipment, devices, blood sugar and blood pressure monitors
    • Skin Care
    • Personal Care

    Working hours
    Sun - Thu: 9:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

    Address & Contacts

    HealthPlus Pharmacy, Al Bateen
    Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Street (32nd St.)
    Abu Dhabi, UAE
    Tel: +971 2 665 5422
    Fax: +971 2 665 5902

    Map & Directions


    HealthPlus Pharmacy, Al Rowda
    Hazaa bin Zayed the First St (11th St)
    Abu Dhabi, UAE
    Tel: +971 2 443 4450
    Fax: +971 2 443 4453

    Map & Directions